A bonded warehouse specially dedicated to wine and spirits related services in Shenzhen
Tuesday, December 3, 2013

In continuity of its development in the wines and spirits field, CELTIC this time puts forward its expertise in the area of Canton with this last generation bonded warehouse having a capacity of 5000 m2.

Ideally located in the bonded logistic park of Yantian port (YBLP) this site can serve southern China as well as Hong Kong within a few hours but also South East Asia thanks to the proximity of Shenzhen and Kong ports and Airports. CELTIC proposes here the highest quality tool since it is the only warehouse in China with the HKQAA certification (www.hkqaa.org/).

In addition to its services related to customs clearance, logistic and administration already offered in Shanghai and Beijing, CELTIC innovates in Shenzhen. The company is going even further by offering marketing services allowing winemakers to enter the market cost effectively. These include pre-opening consulting, exclusive promotional staff, and the availability of a 900 m2 showroom.