CELTIC involved in VEOLIA sludge treatment plant project in Hong-Kong
Friday, May 3, 2013


Celtic China Group was awarded the shipment of heat exchanger bundles for air-cooled condenser part of the VEOLIA sludge treatment plant project in Hong-Kong manufactured by HAMON in Tianjin, China. The plant will treat the sewage sludge generated by the country’s 11 sewage treatment plants. The plant will have a treatment capacity of 2000 tonnes/day and will eventually produce over 20MW of electricity.


This project represented 4 shipments from Tianjin to Hong-Kong of 8 units, 152.000kg and 688 CBM each. Despite the specificity of this cargo which is very fragile and sensible to handling, all material were delivered in Hong-Kong timely and with great care insuring the success of this movement. From Tianjin bundles were loaded from terminal however in Hong-Kong we had to use floating crane to unload material which were then unloaded on site directly.


The success of this project was made possible together with our partner from World Project Group in Columbia, SEA CARGO, involved since the beginning on this project.