A CUP OF WORLD – let’s hit the road to Rio !
Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Only a few months to the Football World Cup in Brazil ! Two French football lovers decided to hit the road from Montreal to Rio to get there on June 13th for the ‘Copa do Mundo’ opening.Around 100 days to travel, as many gatherings around football, about 15 countries to cross and all this in a 2CV !CELTIC GLOBAL SERVICES supported the two football lovers at the beginning of their Pan-American adventure and proceeded to the transport in a 20’ container of the lovely vintage car, customized as a football for the occasion. We prepped the  ‘Dolly’ in our Le Havre warehouse for stuffing and transportation to Canada. The CELTIC team helped Eric CARPENTIER and copilot Eric PITOISET during the export and especially import customs formalities in Montreal thanks to the support of WPG Canadian member Gillespie Munro. The adventure now begins; you can follow Eric and Pierre on http://www.acow.org/                               https://www.facebook.com/acupofworld http://vimeo.com/acupofworld                             https://twitter.com/acowproject