Rail Transportation from China to Europe now open!
Monday, December 15, 2014

After the world news regarding the first train which connected Yiwu in China to Madrid in Spain, everyone is now expecting the transportation scheme from China to Europe to change.

They are still a long way before railway transportation from China to Europe and back become the main flow of goods exchange which will probably never be however the new line connecting both continents by rail gives a new alternative for transportation.

The line from Zhengzhou, China to Hamburg, Germany opened on July 2013 is now offering 3 to 4 departures every month with a transit time of 16 days reducing in half the usual transit by sea freight from China to Europe and by 30 days from Europe to China. In terms of cost of course it is more expensive than usual sea freight but the significant reduction of transit makes it a good and economical alternative to airfreight.

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